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How to be a Driving Instructor in Ireland

All you need to know about the process of qualifying to be a driving instructor, eligibility, the exams, and the training with us.

Driving Instructor Courses

Our driving instructor courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainers in KILKENNY CITY.
Check out our website for details of how, when and where our driving instructor courses take place.

A career where you, are your own boss, and choose your own hours!

A career where your own car can earn money for you not drain it from your pocket!

A career where you meet lots of people, and provide an important and needed local service!

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At GDS you can be sure of a completely professional service and at affordable rates.
With over 30 years experience in the driving instruction industry we will use our knowledge to help you build and maintain a successful driving instructor business of your own; we won't abandon you once you have qualified.

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Eligibility for Driving Instructor Training

If you have had your full driving licence for 2 years or more we can train you to be an
RSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADI)
To see if you meet all of the eligibilty criteria Click Here

The Process - How to be a Driving Instructor, the Training

There are 3 exams to pass. the part 1 - theory: part 2 - driving; and the part 3 - teaching.
We can train you for all or some of these exams, so if you have started elsewhere, and are not getting on great
give us a call.
Click Here for details of the process of qualifiying as an instructor.

Driving Instructor Courses

The first part of your training will be studying for the Driver Instructor Theory Test; the Part 1 exam.
Then the training will focus on your driving skills to pass the Instructors Driving Test; the part 2 exam.
As soon as you have passed the Part 1 and Part 2 exams, you can start working and earning as a trainee instrucotor.
This means you can start earning in a matter of weeks.
The final phase of training is for the Driving Instruction skills; the part 3 exam. Click Here for more details.


We are currently based in Kilkenny City but are expanding to other centres, including Port Laoise.
For details of where and when the training takes place, Click Here.


You can pay for your training on a pay as you go basis or you can pay in advance and get a discount.
So if you're not sure if its the job for you, you don't have to make a big commitment right at the start. We can also take payment via credit cards if you prerfer. Click Here for more details.

ADI Check Test Training

We also train existing driving instructors for their ADI check Tests. See how easy it can be to get top marks on your check test using train the trainer teaching format. See the ADI Check Test page for details.

How to be a Driving Instructor, Driving Instructor Training, training to be a driving instructor, driving instructor courses, how to become a driving instructor